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Meet the Creators

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

At Fontaine House Publishing, we understand that publishing a book is no small feat, and we strive to present authors both new and seasoned with the opportunity to share their voices and their books with or without the presence of a literary agent. We maintain an open submissions policy in order to offer all authors a foothold in the highly competitive publishing industry. All genres are welcome for consideration. We love watching our library of diverse creators and books grow.


This company began with a girl who listened to many stories, and decided to tell her own. We are dedicated to supporting the inner storyteller in all of us, and would be honored to have you consider us for your book project.

Pages of Book

Mykayla Fontaine

Owner of Fontaine House Publishing

Author of the Little Monsters series

Inside the Author

Mykayla Fontaine is an East Texas author raised in Longview. She has earned her Master's Degree in English from Texas Tech University. Mykayla grew up with a love of reading and writing, and pursued those passions through school. During her Master's program, she found herself teaching First Year Writing at the college level, and discovered a newfound appreciation for education and growing stronger voices for budding writers.


Nora (Paige) Erwin

Illustrator of Vlad's First Fang and Trixie's First Spell

Inside the Artist

Hello! I’m Paige Erwin, a graphic designer and illustrator. I grew up surrounded by a variety of artists, cartoons, and comics, so of course art became a huge part of me as I grew up. In addition to cartoons, I find inspiration for my projects in many of my favorite movies and television shows. What better way to show your love and appreciation for something that brings you joy than to create in honor of it.

Sarah Carpenter.jpeg
Sarah Carpenter.jpeg

Sarah Carpenter

Illlustrator of: Franky's First Stitch, Little Monsters Coloring & Activity Book, and City of Longview Coloring Book

Inside the Artist

Hi!  I’m Sarah Carpenter, artist and designer.  I’ve been drawing and painting since I can remember with everything from crayons to oils.  When I discovered digital art I was hooked though.  There’s nothing like an undo button when you drip paint in the wrong spot.  

I graduated with a degree in studio art and a minor in creative writing from Houston Baptist University and have been pursuing art and design since.  When Mykayla approached me about illustrating for her I was excited and have thoroughly enjoyed working with her on her books!  

When I’m not drawing or writing, I’m spending time with my family, cooking and (lately) gardening.  

Sarah Carpenter.jpeg
Madison Branch.jpg

Madison Branch

Illlustrator of: Izzy Goes to Bethlehem

Inside the Artist

Illustrator Madison Branch, originally from Longview, Texas, frequently works in both traditional and digital media. She received her BFA from the University of Texas at Tyler in 2018, and MFA from the same school in 2021. In addition to pursuing freelance projects such as Izzy Goes to Bethlehem, she also currently works as an adjunct art professor at several institutions in the East Texas area.

Sarah Carpenter.jpeg
Peggy K. Comer.jpg

Peggy K. Comer

Author of Izzy Goes to Bethlehem

Inside the Author

Peggy K. Comer and her husband live in Longview, Texas where they moved after Peggy retired
from her duties as Business Manager and District Treasurer of Magnolia Public Schools in
Magnolia, Arkansas in 2015. Peggy has always loved teaching from God’s Holy Word both
children and grown-ups alike. She enjoys writing poetry and published a book of poems on
Women of the Bible in 2019, HE KNOWS MY NAME. Her first children’s book was also
published in 2019 entitled THE FIRST CHRISTMAS. Peggy’s desire in writing is to encourage
people to read the Bible and meet her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He may be knocking on
your door. Won’t you let Him come in?

Sarah Carpenter.jpeg
8756059407772846240 (1).jpg

Amy McCarty

Author of A Year of Grief and Growth

Inside the Author

Amy McCarty is an author, copywriter, and creative writer. After the death of her husband, she chronicled her first year of grief as she navigated her new life. As friends and family read her entries she chose to share, she was persuaded to share all of the memoir. She is originally from Dallas, Texas, but lives in East Texas now. She's a wordsmith who loves to find new ways to sprinkle her favorite words, stymy, quagmire, and brouhaha into everyday life.

Amy's inspirational memoir will reach shelves in Spring/Summer 2023.

Sarah Carpenter.jpeg
Joseph Gage.jpg

Joseph Gage

Author of The Mouse

Inside the Author

Joseph is a passionate author in Longview, Texas. He brings his joy of writing into every part of his life, and lets his imagination run wild, even away from the keyboard.

The newest edition of his premier title, The Mouse, is coming in 2023.

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