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Coming November 2022

Izzy Goes to Bethlehem

Peggy Comer's newest children's book explores the wonderous tale of Jesus and his birth in Bethlehem from the perspective of Izzy, Mary and Joseph's precious donkey.

The story is a happy retelling of the birth of Christmas, with stunning illustrations by local artist, Madison Branch.

Baby Jesus' newest retelling will launch November 26, just in time for Christmas!

Mykayla Fontaine: Author of Little Monsters

Vlad's First Fang

Little Monsters #1

A tale of lighthearted monsters and wish fulfillment

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Vlad's First Fang 3D Mockup.png

Trixie's First Spell

Little Monsters #3

A pinch of magic, a little chaos, and a valuable lesson learned

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Trixie's First Spell 3D cover mockup.png

Franky's First Stitch

Little Monsters #2

A timeless display of curiosity, injury, and courage

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Franky's First Stitch 3D Mockup.png

Title is Secret Until


Little Monsters #4

Mysteries, friendship, and treasure beyond imaginings

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Vlad's First Fang Cover.jpg

Vlad's First Fang

In a story of wish fulfillment and growing up, Dracula's son, Vlad, loses his very first fang! He anxiously awaits the Fang Fairy, who will grant Vlad a wish in exchange for his fang...IF he takes care of it. Vlad brushes his fang and wishes with all his might, but will the Fang Fairy come after all? 


Franky's First Stitch

After trying to bring his favorite toy to life with a dangerous experiment, Franky, Frankenstein's son, has no choice but to face his fear of the dreaded Dr. Jekyll. Franky's experiment leaves him injured, and only Dr. Jekyll can fix his stitches. In this tale of childhood bravery, Franky learns that doctors are here to help, especially when he gets hurt.

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Amy McCarty.jpg

Coming 2023

Good Grief: A Year of Grief and Growth

Amy McCarty's debut memoir unravels the devastating and inspiring journey of a woman widowed  in the chaotic throes of the global pandemic. Amy's story began as an outlet for her own grief, but developed into a message which resonates with all of us who have grappled with loss.

Amy's uplifting tale will reach shelves in Spring 2023.

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