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Fairy Lights

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"What a beautiful story combining two of my favorite things -- Christmas (and its true meaning) and a love of animals."

Beginning readers will be able to read this on their own.

It will help them understand the story of Jesus' birth.

I would definitely recommend this book!

A very sweet story!

I always enjoy Mrs. Comer's writing, and this was no exception!

Vlad elipse.png


"I ordered Vlad's First Fang a few days ago but made a mistake on my address. I contacted the Fontaine House, and they were more than happy to help with getting it fixed. Since getting the book, my kids ask me to read it to them over and over again. Vlad's adventure as he experiences losing a tooth is great for teaching my kids about patience and wish fulfillment."

Just got Vlad's First Fang in the mail. Now that's a

#baby #book #vladsfirstfang

"We got "Vlad..." in the mail last night, and my wife read it to our daughter for her nightly reading bedtime story. I've never seen my wife gush quite so much about a modern children's book. She was taken by both the story and the beautiful art, and she (the children's educator) said it should go on the shelf with the classics - such as Goodnight Moon. As for my daughter... well, being autistic, she doesn't typically react one way or the other, but she was noticeably fingering where she'd just lost a tooth so... the book got tears from mommy and daddy, too. Absolutely A Plus work! I only hope it gets the exposure it deserves."

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