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When the global pandemic hit, tragedy was all too common as COVID-19 claimed numerous lives--including the life of Amy's husband, Frank. Upon Frank's admission to the hospital in September 2021, Texas had just adopted laws allowing those fighting COVID to have a companion with them in the hospital. Drawing from her own personal experience and insight into hospital care as an outsider rather than as medical staff or a patient, the book first reflects heavily on Amy and Frank's relationship under the duress of such a challenging time together. Sadly, many people around the world were not granted the opportunity to remain with their loved ones due to limited hospital access during this trying pandemic.


While Frank was in the hospital, Amy used journaling to regularly keep family and friends apprised of updates on his condition. However, after he died, her writing became a far more emotional outline for the painful highs and lows that invariably come with grief and widowhood. 


Despite the immense hardship of suddenly losing her husband and becoming a single mother to three children in their teens and early twenties, Amy was able to find strength by setting her sights on hope instead of hopelessness, anger, or depression. Through every wave of grief, she began journaling unfiltered feelings and at last sharing them in bits and pieces so no one else would ever feel alone again in their own struggles with bereavement.


There Is Hope for Us was never originally composed with the intention of becoming a book. Rather Amy felt compelled to write for her own sake, and later, to share those writings. She realized that hope could always prevail over the various strains of grief and loss--even in the moments when it seemed like life would never return to normal.

There Is Hope for Us by Amy McCarty

Expected to ship early September 2023
  • There is Hope for Us is scheduled to release September 2023. All pre-orders will be fulfilled as inventory arrives. You may choose to have your copy of this debut book shipped to an address of your choice or to pick it up during the Longview Book Launch Party and meet the author face-to-face! We'll release invitations for RSVP for that Book Launch Party very soon on Facebook @Amy McCarty, Author

    The first 100 copies ordered will be signed and numbered by the author, and we'll even include a bonus page in the book that lists those first 100 names in special mention.

    More bonus material to come on Facebook @Fontaine House Publishing and Instagram

    Pre-orders placed before August 1, 2023 will be guaranteed to be available in time for the September Book Launch Party. Please understand that inventory may take as long as 3-6 weeks to ship thereafter.

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