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This title holds a compelling collection of poetry that explores form, language, and technique. Brendon Behlke has been writing poetry for years, and this collection demonstrates the impressive accuity of both his artistry and his attention to detail. 


A Super Collider of Zigs and Zags is bound to mesmerize its reader, whether they start with the resonating poetry or thumb through the collection to an eye-catching image.


This book is perfect for all types of readers. For those who have the time to sit and settle into a book, the words and artwork will keep you engaged for as long as you wish to stay. For the fast-paced reader with only bite-sized time, this book is also perfect for reading just a poem or two before moving on with your busy day. 

A Super Collider of Zigs and Zags by Brendon Behlke

Expected to ship fall 2023
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